The beginning of something…

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Here it is.

The part where this company becomes real.

The part where I give myself a marketing company for my 40th birthday.

The part where I enter the world of bullshitters, manipulators, liars, sociopaths, idiots and assholes that is marketing.

The world of hype, deception, and neuro-manipulation. Of formulas and secrets and guarantees.

The world of sunk costs. The world of small businesspeople losing their asses investing good money into bad marketing. Of trying the latest thing half-assedly, always throwing stuff at the wall, but nothing sticking for long.

Well, I’m not really entering that world. I’ve been here for quite some time. Learning. Helping.

Helping small businesses adapt, plan, and grow in a noisy, tumultuous environment.

And even though my offerings and my experience were in small business consulting, productivity coaching, and organizational development…

It always came back to marketing. To growth.

And particularly, to marketing strategy. That was the real difference maker.

Sorting out who you really are as a company… what you’re best at… and how you view and talk to the world…

And who you serve best… what they care about… and why they need what you provide…

And of course where they are and how to reach them…

And then you can create yourself a blueprint–a framework, not a formula–for a series of offers and actions that empowers your ideal customer to elevate themselves from stranger to subscriber to customer and maybe even raving advocate.

Then the key is hashing out a strategy, plan of action, and the necessary special projects to build out, launch and optimize your customer value journey.

So, after learning and experimenting with modern marketing for my own firms’s goals, and helping so many clients improve theirs (including some marketing companies), I thought…

I know marketing. I’m particularly good at co-creating strategy, and a natural straight-talking interventionist… Why the hell NOT start a small business marketing strategy company??

It’s needed. Even with all those “digital marketers” out there.

Plus, in a way, I have a unique perspective when it comes to marketing…

I hate it.

Well, I hate bullshit marketing.

The kind I mentioned earlier. Deceptive, manipulative, false, obnoxious, poorly executed, selling snake oil, etc.

And wow is there a lot of it.

And see, I don’t believe that it’s necessary to bullshit people–or trap them–into buying your service. If you’re a good person delivering a great service, you can promote yourself and grow all you want without bullshit.

So that’s kind of my mission now… Helping good people with great services harness creative strategy and digital tools to get more of the clients they actually want, and build a business they actually want, without compromising their values or voice…

And along the way, calling out bullshit marketing in all its forms, and telling a story of a punk-rock-loving, former-self-help-addicted, bourbon-enhanced, small-business-loving, bullshit-hating, marketing guy. And his fledgling firm.

(that’s me)

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