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Deep-Dive Marketing Audit

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Core Values

Expand your perspective. Roll with reality. Keep up with what you care about. Get all up inside it, and work it, and see it, and be it, from every angle. Stay sharp, and stop pretending you have a clue, you arrogant dick.

We believe...

Good people delivering great services deserve successful businesses.

You don’t have to bullshit people to market or sell successfully. 

Reliably effective marketing requires clear strategy, a commitment to create value, and willingness to fail (temporarily of course).

A diet rich in breakfast foods and brown liquors is a critical component of a life well lived.

At the end of the day, there is no B2B or B2C, only H2H (human to human).

We stand for...

…a world of non-deceptive marketing, where people are clear on what is being offered, told the truth, and empowered to accept or decline powerfully. Honest, thoughtful, and mutually valuable partnerships carry the day.

...not just calling out bullshit marketing, but using our results to demonstrate its irrelevance and render it obsolete.

...ALL businesses-no matter how small--being able to grow on their own terms, drawing on their unique voice, advantages, and current resources.

We promise...

...to do our best.

...to never bullshit you.

...to help you be better.

Our People


insurgo LLC is owned and managed by Paul Greiner, who founded the company in May of 2019. After more than a decade of helping small businesses grow through coaching and organizational development services, Paul decided to create a company focused on marketing strategy for 3 main reasons... To read more, CLICK HERE

Our Partners

We work closely with a few select companies to help with aspects of our services. We don't claim to be the best of everything; that's what great teams are for. And these companies are great teammates, and excellent at what they do.